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About Monte

I’m a Colorado native. I grew up in rural South Eastern Colorado. My grandfather was an undersheriff in Kansas and two of my older brothers went into law enforcement. From an early age I wanted to be a peace officer. I specifically pursued being a sheriff’s deputy, appreciating the history of the office and the fact that it was not simply another government department. The office of Sheriff is a statutory office having exclusive powers under state law. It is a public office with a right, and corresponding duty, to exercise public trust. I have been honored, throughout my career, to be associated with many honorable Sheriffs who mentored me and prepared me to be a Sheriff who honors the public trust.

My wife, Bobbi, is the Director of the Senior Coalition and works very hard to serve our seniors. My daughter, Ruby, is a freshman in High School and my son, John, is in Middle School.

I have traveled the United States, and have enjoyed the beauty and hospitality of other states. None compare to the natural beauty experienced right out my front door. I have made Park County my home for over 30 years. I appreciate small town living, our community, and the environment it offers to raise a family.

My family and I are part of this community. Park County is my home. Since my departure the Park County Sheriff's Office has had increased difficulty retaining staff and managing resources. Community programs that were previously strong and vital have been struggling or canceled altogether. Communication has become closed. The office has lost Public Trust. Our community deserves better. Many in our community have encouraged me to run, and expressed that it is time for a change . I look forward to bringing the change that is desired. It’s time for honesty and integrity through accountability and transparency.

I resigned my commission as undersheriff after Cpl. Carrigan’s death. My goal is to become the next Park County Sheriff. I feel a strong duty and responsibility to the men and women of the Park County Sheriff’s Office, and our citizens to make necessary changes. I want folks to have a clear understanding that I was not a participant in the tactical decisions that were made at the time of Corporal Carrigan’s death. I would like to reiterate my most sincere condolences to the Carrigan family and my heart goes out to all those who made the best out of very difficult situation. There needs to be a change in leadership. I will bring proven leadership, proven experience, professional management, calm and measured decision-making and a new direction to the office of sheriff

Awards and recognition:

02/15/2016    “People’s Choice Award for Runner-up Best Local Law Enforcement Officer.”  Editor Emily Clingman, Park County Republican & Fairplay Flume Newspaper.

01/13/2016    Special Citation for: “BRAVERY”.  Sheriff Fred Wegener

02/15/2015    People’s Choice Award for Best Local Law Enforcement Officer.”  Editor Emily Clingman, Park County Republican & Fairplay Flume Newspaper.

     02/13/1015    Lifesaving Medal. Sheriff Fred Wegener

02/15/2014    “People’s Choice Award for Best Local Law Enforcement Officer.”  Editor Tom Locke, Park County Republican & Fairplay Flume Newspaper

12/12/2013    Letter of Commendation for commitment, & outstanding achievements Sheriff Fred Wegener

02/15/2013    “People’s Choice Award for Best Local Law Enforcement Officer.”  Editor Tom Locke, Park County Republican & Fairplay Flume Newspaper

12/11/2012    Award-Adherence to Highest Ideals  David Marlin, Commander VFW

2/15/2012      “People’s Choice Award for Best Local Law Enforcement Officer.”  Editor Tom Locke, Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume Newspaper

12/11/2011    Award-Adherence to Highest Ideals  David Marlin, Commander VFW

  01/11/2011      Lifesaving Medal.  Sheriff Fred Wegener

12/11/2010    Award- Adherence to Highest Ideals  David Marlin, Commander VFW

8/15/2009      Lifesaving Medal.  Sheriff Fred Wegener

7/20/2009      Commendation for Meritorious Service for extraordinary performance  and dedication.  Sheriff Fred Wegener

6/09/2009      Commendation for Operation Half Dozen. Incident Commander for 6 SWAT TEAMS. In a coordinated and dangerous operation cammanded all 6 teams.  Sheriff Fred Wegener

7/29/2007      Commendation, Senate Resolution 215 recognizing September 25th as National First Responders Day for responders to the Platte Canyon High School Shooting. Wayne Allard, United States Senator. Senator Allard, Senator Casey, and Senator McCain

7/27/2007      Commendation recognizing my actions and the actions of others at the Platte Canyon High School shooting United States Representative Doug Lamborn. House of Representatives

9/29/2007      Commendation recognizing my actions at the Platte Canyon High School shooting United States Senator Ken Salazar

  12/11/2006    Distinguished Service Medal for “HEROIC ACTS’ Multi-Jurisdiction Incident Commander Sheriff Fred Wegener

9/27/2006      Sheriff’s Commendation Medal for performing above and beyond your normal scope of duties and for your activities and achievements on September 27, 2006 Sheriff Fred Wegener.

2/16/2006      Appointed E911 Board Park County Board of County Commissioners

7/4/2005        Special Leadership Award for dedication and outstanding dedication & contribution to his fellow employees & community. Park County Employee Advisory Committee.

2004-2005      Outstanding Leadership Award South Central Colorado Law Enforcement Officer's Association

2004-2005      Outstanding Leadership Award James W. Zoller, Leadville Chief of Police

12/2004         Recreation Center Completion Award for a job well done! South Park Parks & Recreation District

6/12/2003     Event Safety Award for managing several outlaw motorcycle gangs in Fairplay. Chief Gottschalk & Mayor Quinn

7/15/2002     Sheriff’s Commendation Award: Fire-Performing Above & Beyond Sheriff Fred Wegener

4/2/2002        Sheriff’s Commendation- for a shooting that occurred in Hartsel, CO. Sheriff Fred Wegener

8/15/2000     Sheriff’s Award: years of service, dedication and service to citizens Sheriff Joe Morales

7/20/2000     Security/Professionalism & Leadership Organized, managed, and provided dignitary security for a visit by the U.S. Attorney General and his staff. Sheriff Joe Morales

12/26/1999   Dedication & Support Award Summit County Board of County Commissioners

12/8/1999     Outstanding Assistance- Firearms Training Program Erik J. Bourgerie, Instructor

11/10/1999   Letter of Appreciation Colorado Department of Corrections

7/30/1998     Employee of the Quarter/Outstanding leadership Sheriff Joe Morales

6/30/1998     SWAT Appreciation for Operation Canyon Storm Led SWAT team to Cortez, CO to assist local Law Enforcement in manhunt for murderers. Sheriff Joe Morales

10/19/1995   Letter of Appreciation, nomination for community award Judy Scollard

2/20/1993     Outstanding Service Officer Summit County Elks Lodge #2561

2/19/1993     "Officer of the Year Patrol Deputy" Sheriff Delbert Ewoldt

8/24/1993     Letter of Commendation Chris White

3/20/1992     Outstanding Achievement: Firearms Academy Director: Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy

8/24/1991     Letter of Commendation: Narcotics operation Sheriff Delbert Ewoldt

2/1/1991       Letter of Commendation: Life Saving Letter of Commendation Wayne D. Witt, Corporal of Corrections

4/11/1990     Letter of Commendation: Request to be made FTO jail. Corporal Herbert Crawford

4/7/1990       Letter of Commendation and request for 5% raise for outstanding performance. Corporal Herbert Crawford

1/17/1989     Letter of Commendation: Professionalism and security, jail Corporal Mike LaCosse

12/28/1988   Letter of Commendation: Professionalism, jail Corporal Mike LaCosse

8/15/1988     Letter of Appreciation: Professionalism in the jail Corporal Mike LaCosse

7/22/1988     Letter of Appreciation Corporal Mike LaCosse

5/11/1988     Award: Appreciation of Service Fellow employees

2/29/1988     Letter of Appreciation: Jail Investigation Sergeant Gerberding

9/16/1987     Letter of Appreciation: Initiative and genuine concern Lt. Peg Johnson

10/1982         Letter of Appreciation: Life Saving Letter, Sheriff John Eberly

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