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It is time time for a change in Park County.  It is time for integrity and honesty through transparency and accountability. It’s time to reestablish trust with the public. 

As questions are posed to me about issues in Park County, we will share the issue category and then the questions and answers on this page.

Gun Safety and Gun Ownership

1. Question. Does Park County need additional Ordinances to promote gun safety?

2. Question. Do you support individuals being able to own guns? If not, why and if so, why?

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1. Question. Do you support aiding federal law enforcement of federal marijuana laws or protecting Colorado citizens and state laws from federal intrusion?

2. Question.  Do you support the federal government removing marijuana from a schedule1 drug?The DEA hopes to have a decision on this issue by July. (Read More)

Optimizing the budget - Reducing the tax burden of jail operations

1. What will you do to streamline and optimize the budget of your department , what wasteful practices do you want to eliminate.

2. County Budget - reducing tax burden of jail operations

"The taxpayers are responsible for operating a jail in this county.  If you are not off-setting the costs and operating it like a business, the taxpayers are paying for it. " Monte Gore who heads the jail and directs marketing

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Jail Operations

The Fairplay Flume filed an open records request to learn the facts about federal, state and internal jail inspections from February 1 to April 30, 2003 in an effort to lean more about the law suit filed by an illegal alien being held by Park County on behalf of I.C.E. (Read More)

Sheriff office personnel, qualifications and salary

1. What do you feel the minimum requirements are to be a Park County Deputy and what should
be the base rate for that position?

2. Should you seek higher salaries for Deputies how will you ensure that ANY tax increase goes toward training and making sure that Park County has qualified people in the positions?

3. What will you do about the fact that some of our current Deputies have been involved in activities in the past that
have gotten them relieved of their positions then rehired at a later date? Activities that are illegal and violate the sworn
oath they have taken.

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Command Management Experience

1. Have you ever managed any employees and if so how many?

I have managed employees for 23 years.

As a Captain/Undersheriff in Summit County, I managed 72 FTE’s.

As the Undersheriff in Park County,I managed 56 FTE’s.

Current command staff

Question: If you are elected Sheriff, How will you evaluate the current command staff and would you likely make changes in this area and if so, what criteria would you use?

1. Answer: Action is needed. Status quo is not an option. While others would have to evaluate command staff to determine qualifications and ethical standards, I am already familiar with this staff. The current undersheriff and two captains have been unable to provide the direction and leadership necessary to retain staff and to be effective in accomplishing their missions. The current undersheriff has demonstrated a failure to be forthright and transparent with citizens. The public is already aware of misinformation that was presented to them in the Maggie Long Murder case. The public is aware they were not informed of a potential danger while neighboring law enforcement was issued information stating the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. This organization is in need of serious repair. Delaying decision making will not correct that problem.

Direction of deputies

4. What will you direct your deputies/employees to focus on and why? How do these issues effect citizens of Park County?[ALL] (Read More)

Running an honest, ethical transparent office

1.Question: What procedures will you implement to provide transparency in your departments activities above and beyond the open records laws [ALL]

2. Question: Will you publish your agencies policy and procedure manual including use of force continuum and code of conduct publicly?

3. Question: If elected, how will you avoid conflict of interest, favoritism and the perception of deep corruption that currently seems to be so prevalent.

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Maggie Long investigation

Question. What would you do different in regards to the most recent tragedy involving Miss. Long? Things leading up to, during and after this investigation.

Answer. It is clear that the Sheriff’s Office is in over their heads. Competent investigators should have been brought in immediately and assigned as lead investigators. It is appalling to me that our Sheriff’s Office was not truthful or forthright in advising citizens about the time line of events or that there was an armed suspect with thousands of rounds of ammunition. Such action swill not happen under my administration.

School Safety

1. Question: What will you do to insure that an armed Resource Officer is ALWAYS present during school hours at the Fitzsimmons Middle School and High School?

2. Question. Would you support or not support teachers in the Platte Canyon school system being trained and authorized to maintain a firearm in select classrooms?


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Platte Canyon High School incident September 27, 2006

This tragic incident over 11 years ago was handled in a professional manner preventing additional loss of life.  Rest in Peace Emily Keyes.

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Crime in Park County including illegal drugs

1. What will you do to decrease the illegal drugs coming into our
county and the ability for our kids to obtain illegal drugs? (Read More)

Balancing the wants and needs of rural vs suburban residents

1. Question. How do you plan to balance the wants and needs of the rural vs suburban residents. There is a perception that Park county is becoming Denver lite. Do you agree with the code of the west if so why if not then why. (Read More)

Civil Asset Forfeiture

What is your position on Civil Asset Forfeiture [ALL]

As your Sheriff, I would be hesitant to take a citizen’s property under civil asset forfeiture. There have been serious abuses and mistakes by some law enforcement agencies. Innocent citizens have had their property seized with little recourse other than to take cases to court which, as we all know, can be an expensive process.

Eminent Domain

What is your position on eminent domain

I’m a strong supporter of individual property rights.
With that said, there are extreme times when eminent domain is utilized by the government for the greater good of all citizens. We have a case in Park County where land was purchased for a reservoir which will serve many citizens. If eminent domain is used the property owner needs to be compensated fairly and the land use must be for the public not private benefit.

Law Enforcement Accrediation/Availability of Policies & Procedures

1. Question. As an Accreditation & Policy Compliance Manager in a neighboring jurisdiction, I am wondering why the PCSO has not decided to pursue law enforcement accreditation? I believe many of the issues the PCSO has faced/is currently facing are covered by LE standards, and these programs would immensely help bring this agency back on track. Can the candidates speak as to their thoughts on pursuing this recognition?

2. Question. Will you publish your agencies policy and procedure manual including use of force continuum and code of conduct publicly?

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No-Knock Raids

Question. What do you think are the appropriate circumstances and criteria before implementing "no- knock" raids on private property? When is such risk of life to the deputies and victims worth it?

Answer. I do not believe in no-knock raids. The only exception would be to safeguard life, such as in a hostage situation.

Optimizing the Budget - Equipment and training

1. Question. If there are no funds available from the county or taxpayers, what can and will you do to augment the training and equipment for deputies? (Read More)

Handling of Baricaded Suspect/Martin Wirth Eviction

1. Question. How would you have handled the Martin Wirth eviction differently? Please provide detail. (Read More)


1. Question. What makes your promises or answers more believable than another candidates?

1. Answer. My character. Please review my long work history. A common thread from those that know me is my integrity, and honesty. Look at the statements made in the Endorsements. When I make a promise I keep it!

2. Question.  Why should we believe that you will truly do what you say you will do and that your answers aren't just campaign promises said to merely get elected?

2. Answer. As stated in question#18 I KEEP MY WORD!

Neighborhood Watch

The residents of Park County and use common-sense approaches to reduce home break-ins and product our property.  Please see a letter to the editor written by Monte September 2017. (Read More)

Protection against Federal overreach

Question; From: Ryan Roark, Facebook
What I would like to know, is whoever gets elected Sheriff, will they defend this county and its residents against federal over reach. Will they uphold the Colorado Constitution above the Federal Government? If a candidate violates any of these oaths he is supposed to uphold, will they step down, or will they continue to be corrupt? Remember a Sheriff is the people’s last line of defense against an over reaching federal government.
If you answer that you would support the FEDS, then please change your party to Demorat and let the world know your true colors! I’ve read some of your answers, and a couple of you running should already be registered as Demorats. (Read More)

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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