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June 4, 2018
I am writing to offer my unqualified support for Monte Gore's candidacy for Park County  Sheriff.  As a former Park County Commissioner, I had the opportunity to personally work with him on matters of mutual concern between our two departments.  I  have known and worked with him for the past 10 years.   I can wholeheartedly state that he is the  Candidate that I know for certain is the most dedicated and qualified individual for the job of Park County Sheriff. 
You need only to look at his specific, extensive experience, education and training in law enforcement to know that the other candidate's education and experience pale by comparison.  I personally know that he has a dedication and passion for the Law and for the people of Park County. That passion translates into a more secure and safe place for you, your friends and our families.   His depth of knowledge  and years of service within our County mean that he will hit the ground running and there will be no need for a period of training and familiarization.
His 15 year  career with Park County  is an unblemished record of professional law enforcement and accomplishments that no other candidate can claim.  I urge you to go to his website ( and see for yourself the facts and information with respect to his heroism, education,  achievements,  and willingness to face personal risk, not to mention those who have endorsed him.  The website shows a specific, and truly remarkable record, completely devoid of puffery, inaccuracies, or vague claims, as are asserted on some websites.  One of his  skills that I admire is his ability to convince  a deranged, armed individual  to peacefully lay down his arms and surrender. He has accomplished this time after time.  With his approach, through  negotiation,  no one is harmed and a dangerous situation is, most often, peacefully contained without harm to anyone.  To his credit, Monte has the skill set to train others to follow his lead in negotiating  peaceful solutions when they find themselves in " harms way".  It is  a rare, much needed, critical talent that benefits residents and law enforcement staff alike.
He understands the complexity of working with federal, state and local government agencies and is gifted in getting their co-operation and support.  Monte knows best how to work with  a complex budget and manage a limited  staff  to protect a vast and sparsely populated Park County,  one of  the largest counties in Colorado.  He knows, understands, and will enforce our Marijuana regulations. Many have complained about the negligible enforcement of county marijuana regulations which are designed to protect neighborhoods, prevent illegal grows, and the attendant crime.   He knows how useful these regulations have been for our security and peace of mind. He enforced them before and will enforce them again.
Monte is an individual of high integrity and always  professional in his duties. Both he and his wife, Bobbi, are active in many civic and charitable activities as well as raising a wonderful family.  They are, and always have been, generous to a fault with their time and talent in service to our County and residents.   I believe he is the one for the job and I know  he will be a Sheriff that we can all trust and respect.

Dick Hodges
Former County Commissioner,  District 2

A edited version was sent to The Flume  to meet the required word count. — Dick Hodges, Former Park County Commissioner District 2

KSBV River Rat Radio Ad and Endorsement May 31, 2018

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— Marc Scott, KSBV River Rat Radio

Mark Scott, KSBV River Rat Radio endorses Monte Gore for Sheriff. Monte was interviewed on KSBV.

Click here to listen

— Marc Scott, KSBV River Rat Radio

A big thank you to all the elected officials and peace officers who have endorsed my campaign to be the next Park County Sheriff.   I am honored and humbled by your trust and confidence in me.

Doug Lamborn – United States Congressman, Colorado Congressional District 5

Shane Heap - Elbert County Sheriff

Leni Walker - Former Park County Commissioner

Paul Ottmer - Former Park County Sheriff 

Delbert Ewoldt - Former Sheriff of both Summit and Sedgwick Counties

Bob Balink - Past Chairman for Colorado Congressional District (CD5), former Colorado GOP Treasurer; Elected El Paso County (CO) Clerk & Recorder (2002 & 2006) Treasurer (2010-2014).

Brian Brady - former Dillon Colorado Chief of Police

Jim Winchester - former Federal Prosecutor

Connie Whitson Waldrop – Breckenridge CO, Summit County Sheriff’s Office

— Elected Officials and Peace Officers

— Congressman Doug Lamborn

Dear friends and neighbors,
In a short time, you will be making a very important decision, regarding your next Sheriff. 

Following Monte’s announcement of his candidacy, I have seen the copy-cat statements of goals, the very similar websites,  and the overstatement of qualifications by other candidates.  Do not be fooled. I promoted from Sergeant to Sheriff years ago, but Park County and this Office have become much more complex since then.

You have been given the opportunity to select from one qualified candidate, Monte Gore, or one of the many who are eager and full of promise, but who have been unable to promote to a level to acquire the necessary skills and experience for this important office.

Monte has the education, training, knowledge and broad skill set that are often only found in a more urban area.  Monte has served in multiple agencies, in rural and urban communities, working his way up the ranks with experience all the way from Patrol Deputy to Undersheriff.  He has consistently been recognized as outstanding among his peers and within his profession.

I have known Monte for 28 years, in both a personal and professional capacity.  Monte is an honest and caring family man, a man of integrity, and a consummate professional.  He treats others with respect.  He holds himself and others to a high standard, with kindness. 

He is well-respected by his peers, and has consistently continued to develop his knowledge and experience.  His counsel is sought by others.  Monte is well-known and many consider him a friend. 

Monte is a Colorado native.  He has demonstrated a love of Park County and a commitment to it’s people, choosing to live in this County for 30 years and invest his time and energy here.   He is committed to keeping Park County safe- raising his family here, developing resources here.  He is the right Sheriff for Park County!

Paul Ottmer
Park County Sheriff, Retired — Paul Ottmer, Park County Sheriff, Retired

As the former candidate for District Attorney for Park County, I endorse Monte Gore for Sheriff. My experience with Monte Gore gives me a unique perspective into his character and professionalism worthy of my early endorsement, particularly in contrast and comparison to the other candidate's record. My status as a former resident of Park County, gives me the freedom to speak my mind openly and honestly without fear of retribution or expectation of any benefit. Do you want a sheriff that stands up for Park County or one that lets Canon City dictate your lack of resources? Monte Gore is the only candidate that advocated for Park County, when Canon City took your law enforcement resources away. The other candidate was unwilling to stand up to the corruption. The missing resources are not just police dollars or personnel, jails or cop cars. It has a little to do with money, but more to do with failed leadership. As a result, you are missing deputy district attorneys. You are missing investigators. You are missing truthful communication processes from the DA to the Sheriff. Everyone from the Coroner to the Sheriff in Law enforcement is missing resources that never should have been conceded to Canon City without a fight. Who should raise these issues? Only Under Sheriff Monte Gore had the spine. Only Under Sheriff Monte Gore showed up to the myriad of after-hours political meetings to advocate for Park County. With Monte Gore at the helm, I am certain, absolutely certain, Park County will recoup more of its fair share of resources, and maintain a professional police service. With restored communications, the police will learn better practices and regain confidence in the system that is so broken now. Stop paying for Canon City's corruption. This vote is about restoring the balance and recouping more of the services you pay for. If your home is where your heart is, and Park County is your home, Monte Gore is your only choice. — Dagna Van Der Jagt

As a former resident of Park County, and husband of the former candidate for district attorney Dagna Van Der Jagt, I have known Monte Gore for many years and come to appreciate his integrity, loyalty, resourcefulness, maturity and perseverance through thick and thin. You can trust Monte Gore as I do, wholeheartedly. This is why I endorse Monte Gore as the new Sheriff in town. — Grant Van Der Jagt

I have known Monte on both a personal and professional level for a decade. Monte was instrumental to a group of law enforcement professionals that performed jail audits around the State. His knowledge regarding jail operations was incredibly valuable for my Office and benefits us to this day. I know Monte to be a man of honor and integrity; and a man that truly understands the complex workings of a Sheriff’s Office. Monte Gore is an excellent choice for Park County Sheriff. Sheriff Shayne Heap — Shayne Heap

(Re-posted from Facebook Monte Gore for Sheriff)

This is the county where it was my honor to serve as a trusted journalist. For any who do not know the long-term background on this, it may be one of the more quietly significant sheriff races in the country. Even if you are not from there, this is why you should follow it.
The Park County Sheriff’s Office patrols one of the more significant stretches of highway for immigration and drug trafficking control in the southwest. It provides law enforcement for over 1,600 square miles of public land with a small force. It’s jail has a disproportionate role in commercial corrections and federal imprisonment—also related to its location—and former Undersheriff Gore was almost single-handedly responsible for a successful transition from a commercial facility to a civil facility over 17 years ago.
Sheriff Wegener is an institution in both the county and the state. He has served his county well in many ways, and had to make choices nobody should have to—but it comes with the job. He has also drawn controversy on numerous occasions, and has sometimes allowed dogmatism about his role to affect his better judgment. He has been ruthless in his campaigning, and I must acknowledge bias saying he actively uses his official authority to exact retribution against opposition.
Undersheriff Gore was supportive of Sheriff Wegener and loyal as a subordinate in every observable way, even as he worked tirelessly to maintain ethical practices in all under his own influence. He was trusted and respected by citizens, and even inmates trusted his fairness and justice when he ran the jail.
He will need all the help and support he can get because this is a Primary Election challenge in a predominantly Republican county, where his opponent commands a lot of power. Supporters cannot wait for the general election season to voice their support.Add your endorsement here

— John Stone

My wife and I knew Monte and Bobbie for many years that we lived in South Park, moving out in 2015. As a retired attorney with the Department of Justice, I have seen a lot of law enforcement agents and officers, and Monte ranks well compared to any of them. Integrity is the most important quality in a Sheriff, because everyone wants equal justice under the law. He is the best candidate for Sheriff that Park County has had in decades.

— James Winchester

I had the privilege of working with Monte Gore for eight years. During that time, I had the opportunity to observe him in a variety of situations. These situations included but are not limited to everything from very stressful situations; crisis situations; analytical situations; presentation situations; and everything in between. Monte was always calm, professional and methodical. I never knew him to make a rash decision. His actions were based upon factual information. When asked a question, he spoke to the truth of the matter. If he didn’t know an answer to a question, rather than make up an answer, he indicated that he didn’t know the answer and would make every attempt at research to arrive at the right answer. Monte also demonstrated a keen sense of understanding concerning Park County’s budget and how to make the best use of the funds available. In short, Monte Gore is a man of integrity and knowledge and I am happy to support him for the Office of Sheriff. — Leni Walker

I have found Monte to be intelligent, respectful and capable. With all of his experience i think he is the man for the job

— John Hutch

Monte Will show you how A Real Sheriff is supposed to act Monte does not put on a act , He is Real..

— Alan Taylor

As Chairman of the 5th Congressional District (several years ago) I had the opportunity to meet many great public servants and American Patriots, including Monte Gore. I wholeheartedly endorse Monte Gore for Sheriff who, I am confident, will continue to serve Park County residents with the highest degree of integrity. Bob Balink — Bob Balink

I endorse Monte Gore for Sheriff, Park County — Mary J. Beasley

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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